Sturgeon Point Marina

We have had a few photo shoots at Sturgeon Point Marina and it is a cool place to take pictures if you are into fishing or boating. There is a beach area if you want to walk down to the waters edge and get pictures of you and your love walking barefoot through the surf. How about having him carry you up the beach or some pictures of the two of you enjoying an ice cream cone from the hot dog stand?

There are also many boats to use as back drops not to mention Lake Eire. The lake can be somewhat picturesque. 🙂

Take a walk on the break wall or hop out on the rocks (don’t worry, they are rather large rocks). Or maybe if you are nice you can sweet talk someone into letting you on their boat. We make no guaranties that will work but it is worth a shot! Any way you look at it Sturgeon Point is a great place for pictures. If you are interesting in this location male sure you let us know to bring a shoot or two from there with us to the consultation so you can see how cool this place really is.

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